In Order to Perform at Your Best, You Have to Train at Your Best


One of the many things that separate us from everyone else is our performance screening.  Prior to performance training, each athlete will be screened to see where their baseline is at.

Certified Trainers

Our performance coaches carry the necessary certifications and typically have many years of experience in the industry working with athletes of all ages.


Our training programs are sport-specific.  We realize it is very difficult to eliminate injuries.  However, we can evaluate the athlete to see what they need to strengthen in order to reduce their chances of injury.

Return to Sport

By being dedicated to the training and training appropriately, we believe we can assist the athlete in returning to sport faster and safer in the event  of injury.

Age-Specific Training

We work with athletes from ages 12u to collegiate and professional athletes.  You can rest assured that we gear our training to the age of the athlete that we are working with.


The Foundry offers everything that the athlete needs to succeed.  High quality instruction, sports performance training, an academic resource center and an athletic trainer and physical therapist on site.



Sign Up

Using the link below, you will be able to sign up for the different classes that will be offered.  Members receive preferred rates on training.


Once you book your class, you will receive a confirmation email for the class you selected.


Check-in with the staff at the front desk upon arriving at the facility.

Welcome to the next level.

Incredible facilities, Enthusiastic Coaching – The choice is clear.